Is my property going to sell?

A member of our team will carry out research in order to discuss the best pricing strategy for your property and how to maximise interest.

How long does the live bidding last for each property?

The live bidding process lasts for 15 minutes, with one minute of extra time added on for every bid placed in the last minute. 

Do I have to accept the highest bid for the property?

Yes, subject to verification

Can I accept bids outside of the live bidding process?

Yes, you can accept a bid before the live bidding has commenced (some rules apply). We will send all offers we receive, it is then for you to decide if you wish to accept the offer and remove the property early.

Is the bid binding?


How quickly will I have to move out?

When the live bidding process closes the winning bidder has 42 days to complete the purchase, by which time you will need to move out of the premises.

How do you get paid?

You will receive the full amount of the winning bid minus any agents fees. All agents fees will be settled by the buyer.